Amanda Vesthardt (DK) brings to the table a unique perspective on costuming the space, creating universes of light, music, texture and colour that are as at home on the body as surrounding it. As a artist Amanda work across multiple disciplines from their origins in fashion and costume to performance, ceramics, installation art and all possible fibre crafts.  
Photo: Magnus Gulliksen


+45 61 60 95 10
+47 923 73 435


Prague Quadrennial 2023 Catalogue


Set Designer/Visual Artist Wunderland
October 2019-January 2020

Stine Goya
June 2019-September 2019

Costume Assistant and Tailor on the production of "Tryll"
CPH Operafestival
Maj 2018-August 2018

Gøje Rostrup
January 2018-April 2018

Nicholas Nybro
June 2017-August 2017

Volunteer Aros27 Ambassador
Aros Art Museum


Daisies, group exhibition, Pop-Up Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark), August 2023

Axiom, exhibiting at Prague Quadrenrial (Prague, Czech Repulic), June 2023

Shepherds’s Bridge, commisioned work, national museum of Norway (Oslo, Norway) May-September 2023

Water standing still, solo exhibition, KHiO (Oslo, Norway), April 2023

Connecting Wool, group exhibition at the Norwegian Embassy (Tokyo, Japan), March 2023

Horse Inside Out, artistic work for Wunderland, Reykjavik Art museum (Reykjavik, Iceland), November 2022

Axiom, solo exhibition, KHiO (Oslo, Norway), October 2022

Axiom(research), group exhibition, International Fashion Research library (Oslo, Norway), June 2021

Axiom, group exhibition, Collective Illusion Festival, KHiO (Oslo, Norway), May 2022

Horse Inside Out, artistic work for Wunderland, Art Center Ahjo (Joensuu, Finland), September 2021

White Shirts, group exhibition, Carpark Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark), June 2021

Daisies, group exhibition, Output (AArhus, Denmark), June 2021

Horse Inside Out, artistic work for Wunderland, Aros (AArhus, Denmark), Januar 2020

The bride, the turtle and the jellyfish, group exhibition, Finders keepers (Copenhagen, Denmark), November 2018


Granted Diversestipend for newly graduated students from Norwegian kulturrådet 2023

Supported during master studies at KHiO 2021-2023:
Nordea fonden, Le KLint fonden, the reiersenske fond and the ingwesenske fond

Nominated for DesignTalent 2017
Danish Entrepreneurship Award
November 2017  

Nominated for Best Sustainable Design
Finders Keepers x Yume Sustainablility Competetion
November 2018


Master in Fashion and Costume Design
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

Bachelor in Fashion Design
Designschool Kolding
2015 - 2018

Technical drawing course FashionDesign Acadamy
January 2019

Bachelor exchange in Fashion Design
Icelandic Acadamy of Arts
january 2017 - May 2017

Fashion and Textile
The Scandinavian Design College
January 2015 - June 2015