Bachelor Project
Fashion Design

The project is built on layers of symbolism, history, mystique and femininity. Bitchcraft is about women taking back the power they had ages ago before religion and society downgraded them. In the real world witches hide their true beliefs among us and this project is about discovering witches as the powerful women they are.

Designschool Kolding Bachelor of Arts in design

I was very inspired by the history of witches and the different rituals like tarot reading, which I used throughout my design process.
Long ago mother earth was the creator of all life on the planet and women gave birth to all of mankind. Back then women were celebrated, like mother earth, for creating life. If we take the story of Adam and Eve, then women are first of all below men because she was created from him and secondly women were the reason mankind were forced to leave paradise. Women’s role in world has since been below men. I’ve taking inspiration from witches because it’s a small minority that have been stigmatised throughout history, but they still exist today. Their beliefs, symbols and rituals have survived years of hiding. In the past witches were women that were accused of working for the devil, but in reality they were often wise women who looked to nature for wisdom and medical purposes. There is a saying, that the old religions gods will become the new religions devils, which is what christianity, and many other religions, did when they were trying to gain popularity. Many pagan religions center around nature, but when new gods came along and these pagan beliefs and spirits were turned to demons. The reason why it’s interesting to look at witches for inspiration, is that it's all about empowering strong intelligent women, that have gotten a bad reputation throughout time. It’s not just about potions, spells and a pointy hat. It’s about worshiping nature because without it we wouldn’t be here. They believe that there cannot only be good in the world, but that we need darkness because both sides are within all living creations. It’s the natural balance of the world and they put it this way: treat others as you wish to be treated, everything will return with threefold. So if you are good, good things will come to you but if you are bad, bad things will happen to you. In the real world witches hide their true beliefs among us and this project is about discovering witches as powerful human beings. In the same way you have to really look for the layers, symbols and meanings in every single piece of the collection.

I collaborated with Swarovski since I wanted to use crystals, because it’s a very imporatnt tool for many witches.  It was also obvious to me that i needed to create or dye some textiles to make the symbolism and magic of the collection more powerfull. My colors were red and black which symbolise the ashes of the witches that were burned and the period blood symbolizing a women coming of age.
For the shapes I looked into the history and rituals of witches to find inspiration and guidence to how I could follow my magical creative intuitions. I used that to do a ritual where I draped on myself to find new shapes. I also used tarot cards to guide me throughout the process.
Overview of the collection
The first outfit are the old witches that were burned. The crystals are the symbols and rituals that survived and were passed to future generations.

The second look is the years that witches went into hiding. The big cloak is hiding the almost naked witch underneath with a symbol that means ”I am protected”.

In the third look there is two pentagrams in the construction of the bodystocking, which symbolises good and bad, but most see these as symbols of the devil. The pants symbolises the flames and fear of being burned like the old witches.

The fouth outfit is showing the symbols more boldly and visibly in the face and arms since witches are becoming more open and starting to show of their beliefs to the world.

The fifth look is about reaching out and exposing their culture in a way where they can show how proud and confident witches are now. Today witches are more widely accepted by society, like many other pagan religions, however it is still something that most people find very hard to understand. This is why there’s a hangman’s knot holding the pants up as a reminder of what horrers people can do to witches.

Photos by Kasper Witte 
Model Nanna Valentin