Horse Inside Out

Set design

This project was made together with Wunderland, where we created tactile textures for the immersive sculpture-installation and performance piece, under the creative leader Mette Aakjær’s vision.
The sculptur was at ARoS Art Museum, Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland and Gallery Ahjo, Joensuu, Finland.

The art piece is a hybrid of sound, spoken poetry, installation art, performance, dance and kinetic interaction. 

Photo by: Jesper Lyng Michelsen

The creative team behind the horse is: Mette Aakjær (artistic leader of Wunderland og performer DK), Mona Møller Schmidt (set designer, DK), Thoranna Bjørnsdottir (komponist, IS), Sonja Winckelmann Thomsen (writer, DK), Amanda Axelsen Sigaard (costume design, DK), DimsOs (technically interactivity , DK).

Horse Inside Out is also a part of a scientific research project about perception and sense of reality by Interacting Minds Centre og AU Culture and Communication in Aarhus, ISLO – Education in Dance and Somatics at Eastern Finlands Sports Institute and Reykjavík University – Arts and Education.

All photos by: Jesper Lyng Michelsen


" Exellent experience. The attention to detail in the performance was well thought out, and allowed the mental prep necessary. Highly recommend."

”Still feeling my blood in my veins. Thank you so much for this experience, I am so overwhelmed. Love from Germany <3”