The Bathroom//Water In Motion
Textile installation and performance

Master project

installation: cotton, polyester, wood, 170x210 cm Cotumes: wool, organza, mesh, trimming

Shepherd’s Bridge 
Wool Installation

Commision by Oslo National Museum, made in collaboration with Lydia May Hann.
Wool, silk, metal, 45x200cm

immersive Installation

Enter axiom and find yourself in a immersive, living, pulsating and breathing textile installation. 
Wood, mixed fiber and textiles, LED lights, sound, 

Exhibited at Collective Illusion Festival Photos by: Yaniv Cohen

Exhibited at Prague Quadrennial 2023  Photos by: Michal Hancovsky and jakub Cervenka

Memory box

Trash or treasure? The emotional connection to each items gives it a story and a soul, however since the items can’t speak, each items has a different meaning or story for the individual viewer. This is a visual representation of a theoretical term I developed called “emotional sustainability.
Wood, mixed found/made/stolen/gifted objects, 90x90 cm

textile Installation

“Daisies” is a project where pressed flowers are embroided inbetween to layers of organza, to explore delicate and fragile pieces. I have collected flowers and leaves from places that hold a lot of importance and memories to me, as well as bouquets I have received. Flowers used to be a used as a hidden symbolic language were you could send messages to each other through what flowers you send.

Wood, pressed flowers, polyester organza, 90x120 cm